I'm Rosie Webb, formerly known as Rosalie Pryor, an artist based in Bristol, UK.

I like to create art in a loose and expressive way. My watercolour paintings have a slightly cheeky sense of humour that's bound to make you smile!

I work as an independent artist. If you wish to commission me, please contact me. My clients include:

  • The Saturday Times
  • The Guardian
  • The Sunday Telegraph
  • Waitrose Food Illustrated
  • Jamie Oliver Magazine
  • Flora
  • Time Out London
  • Red Magazine, UK & Netherlands
  • Esquire
  • Le Magazine, Netherlands
  • Organic Gardening, United States
  • Harper’s Bazaar, Russian Federation
  • Vogrug Sveta, Russian Federation
  • Myself magazine, Germany
  • Orion Books
  • Quarto Publishing
  • Tango Books
  • Roger la Borde
  • Booths Food Store

After receiving many enquiries asking if my work is available to buy online, I set up a shop on my website. I have a selection of my most popular artwork for sale including prints, cards, books and originals.

Follow me on Twitter: @rosiepaints and Instagram: @rosiewebbpaints.